Thursday, March 19, 2009

Objective Emotions

"For all their musike bothe that they [the Utopians] playe upon instrumentes, and that they singe with mannes voyce dothe so resemble and expresse naturall affections, the sound and tune is so applied and made agreeable to the thinge, that whether it bee a prayer, or els a dytty of gladnes, of patience, of trouble, of mournynge, or of anger: the fassion of the melody dothe so represente the meaning of the thing, that it doth wonderfullye move, stirre, pearce, and enflame the hearers myndes." (Sir Thomas More, Utopia, from Robert Donington, The Interpretation of Early Music, "Music as Expression", pg. 111.)

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Finally, someone who thinks the way I do.

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