Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something Is Rotten

A brief thought experiment.

If you were a lover of Classical music in the 1850s, what kind of music were you most excited to hear? What composers dominated the scene? Strauss' waltzes were so popular the Queen of England requested he come and play them live for her himself. Dvorak's 60th birthday was celebrated as a national holiday and there were banquets in his honor. While he was still alive. We're even told people were amazed to find out, thanks to Mendelssohn, that J. S. Bach, from 120 years back, was a serious composer.

If you are a lover of Classical music now, what kind of music are you most excited to hear? What composers dominate the scene?

Dead composers. Dead music.


E.E. said...

Maybe it's because people expect classical musicians to perform stale-ly, and there's no more public appeal, and so, no more demand.

Or maybe culture is so crass and low now that nobody has the ability to create anything new worthwhile.

I'll take Stravinsky.

Justin said...

Dead music? How do you mean?